AerGlo CNC Prototype 1

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AerGlo CNC Prototype 1 Hits the Streets.

In mid December 2014 AerGlo built the first prototype from 3D designs created in SolidWorks. Using skilled local resources we created a prototype made from CNC routed materials.

The electronics were designed and built by our in house engineer, Jon Hurd. The AerGlo turbines send power directly to the lighting system. Excess power is sent to the battery to continually build the stored charge. The solar panel charges the battery when the car is moving or parked, helping ensure drivers have reserve power for stoplights and times when the car slows down in city driving. The AerGlo battery system can power the sign for 40 minutes per cell.

With help from the Kentucky Office of Economic Development and the Spindletop Battery Center, the company is working with a supplier to leading auto makers to make continual advancements in this area.

Take a look at AerGlo in motion as we hit the streets of our hometown. If you listen closely, you’ll hear honks and shout outs from people watching AerGlo roll past.

Hey, looks like we’re really onto something here.

Rick Baker, Inventor