• The world's first illuminated car sign powered by sun and wind !

    Attach. Drive. Blow Away Your Competition !

  • Light up your business with AerGlo ! CALL (855) 360-0728 to PRE-ORDER

    Easy Change Message panels. Self Charging. Satisfaction Guaranteed !

  • Rule the Day... Own the Night !

    Coming to a Car Near You NOVEMBER 2016

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Light up your business ideas...

AerGlo is the World's First Illuminated Car Sign Powered by Sun and Wind


Fifty eight super bright LED's add visibility even in daylight. At night you can light up the roads.


Thanks to high tech battery technologies your AerGlo sign will recharge up to 1000 times before batteries need to be replaced.


With our optional CALL SYN iBeacon, your sign can communicate with mobile devices up to seventy feet away
  • Lighted signs outperform


This really changes the game for auto signage

EY, XYZ, FastSigns

I can think of no better way to promote a small business

Gordon Garrett, Startup Consultant

Every real estate agent in the country needs two of these

Bob Smith, Southeby's